Our extensive network in Africa places us in a unique position to source confidential data which is not available at generic data providers. This gives us a distinct advantage when making investment management decisions.


We have implemented a custom designed system with a dedicated risk systems specialist. Our system is a proprietary-developed risk management and oversight application. The back-end system is developed based on industry leading SQL, and our front-end application is modular based from the Microsoft suite of products.


We have designed custom views from which we can analyse our exposures.
Our reporting covers many categories, including:

  • Performance tracking and attribution (TMB)
  • Diversification analysis (vintage, geography, sector, ratings, control status)
  • Calculation of risk-return metrics (value bridges, Internal Rate of Return and - Portfolio financial metrics analysis)
  • Instrument screening and holdings history
  • Top-level aggregation of underlying fund positions (across multiple categories)
  • Exposure analysis and history.


The diagram below graphically displays the flow of information.

ESG Management System

We have integrated an ESG Management System into our bespoke Risk Operating System. This allows us to adopt a methodological approach to manage environmental & social risks and impacts in a structured way on an ongoing basis. It also allows us to track specific ESG metrics and perform investment analysis from and ESG perspective.