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Primary Investments

A significant proportion of our commitments come in the form of primary fund allocations across a range of strategies, geographies and vintages. As a long-term investor in Africa, South Suez seeks to build strong and enduring relationships, which we believe affords our investors a unique and highly advantageous network. This provides access to a deep information and knowledge base.

South Suez Capital

Comprehensive Expertise

The objective of South Suez is to provide investors with a solution platform dedicated to helping investors access to the African private equity market.

South Suez has an open, transparent working partnership with our investors to build out their Africa private equity programs.

Our Approach

We continually assess our managers over time to ensure that we are working with the best partners. This includes meeting with the GPs on a regular basis and work alongside them on co-investments in order to assess the manager's process and application of their strategy in a more meaningful way.

Investment Activity

South Suez has reviewed over one hundred funds in Africa and invested in 19 Funds. We are confident that our partners on the ground in Africa will deliver the most attractive returns for our LPs and enable us to continue offering our LPs a unique portfolio that achieves the optimal diversification on a wide variety of metrics.

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