South Suez is the African private equity fund of funds manager for institutional investors, endowments and high net-worth individuals. Providing exclusive access to the most attractive Primary, Secondary and Direct private market investments in Africa through a single point of access, South Suez enables investors to build a diversified portfolio by leveraging off of an established local network.

Access to a large established network

Being one of the largest dedicated institutional investors in African Private Equity, South Suez has developed an ecosystem of industry consultants, GPs, investors, sell-side advisors and other stakeholders.

Access to unrivalled unique dealflow

Through our network of managers we are the partner of choice for GPs looking for a trusted, reliable and value-add partner to finance a transaction.

Bringing developed market portfolio construction to Africa

South Suez is one of the largest institutional investors in Africa investing into primaries, secondaries and directs in a meaningful way. We believe this results in a superior diversified risk-adjusted portfolio.

Risk Management

Through our relationships in Africa, we have been able to source confidential African private equity performance data which is not available to generic data providers. This forms the backbone of our proprietary Risk Management System which we believe gives us a advantage when making investment decisions.

Commited to responsible investing

South Suez follows the ESG and SRI principles established by international institutions, including United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing (“UNPRI”), and international Development Finance Institutions (“DFIs”) such as CDC, FMO, Obviam and IFC.

South Suez is a member of UNPRI, the goal of which is to understand the implications of environmental, social and governance factors and to encourage investors to incorporate these issues into their investment decision making and ownership practices.

South Suez has also established the South Suez SRI Trust (“SSSRIT”), a discretionary Trust incorporated in Mauritius for the purpose of contributing towards existing sustainable community initiatives in Africa on a project by project basis.