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Secondary Investments

Secondary investments in Africa provide a unique opportunity to acquire existing high-quality fund portfolios at attractive pricing.

South Suez Capital

Comprehensive Expertise

South Suez acquires these portfolios at superior risk return dynamics, which allows us to accelerate the investment program and provide for early liquidity, as well as generate outsized alpha for our investors.

Our Approach

South Suez has a deep understanding of the GP landscape and potential risk profiles through its network and long standing local presence. We track and price fund portfolios that we believe offer the opportunity to unlock hidden value. Being an investor of reference significantly reduces potential transfer risk for the vendor, making us a preferred partner in many cases.

Investment Activity

We have reviewed more than 40 African secondary opportunities and have closed 10 transactions to-date at attractive discounts, some proprietary deals directly from vendors. We have established strong relationships with sell side advisors and are a highly credible buyer and partner for intermediaries and also for LPs seeking bilateral negotiations with minimal publicity and a high certainty of execution.

Looking for an investment partner?