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Managed Solutions

South Suez offers separate managed accounts for our clients who are interested in a more flexible portfolio approach, leveraging our network and knowledge to generate outsized risk-adjusted returns.

South Suez Capital

Comprehensive Expertise

The objective of South Suez is to provide investors with customised solutions, whether that be more flexible portfolio construction or niche market opportunities to complement their existing portfolio. South Suez has an open, transparent working partnership with our investors to build out their Africa private equity programs.

Our Approach

South Suez offers a broad range of approaches and strategies to suit the needs and requirements of our LPs, focusing on risk-adjusted returns to produce alpha generating portfolios.

We have an open, transparent working partnership with our investors, assisting them in building out their Africa private equity programs

Our Managed Solutions can include:

  • Overflow vehicles for primaries, secondaries and direct investments
  • Dedicated African Co-investments program
  • Opportunistic syndicated deal-by-deal opportunities

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