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Co-investments offer enhanced returns through lower or superior deal selection and advantageous fee arrangements. South Suez is well equipped to deliver such investments to its investors through its dedicated internal resources and extensive African network.

South Suez Capital

Comprehensive Expertise

Through our broad network of managers, South Suez is able to access unrivalled deal flow on preferential terms. Furthermore, having a dedicated co-investment team, a rigorous due diligence process and a proprietary risk management system, allows South Suez to select deals with superior risk return dynamics.

Our Approach

Through the co-investment program, South Suez provides clients access to unique  direct investment opportunities that would not otherwise be available. The approach revolves around two key pillars, namely maintenance of a broad opportunity set, and rigorous and efficient due diligence.

Deal and company specific factors as well broader sector and country dynamics are carefully considered. We leverage upon our established processes and dedicated team to ensure due diligence and decision making is executed in an efficient and timely manner, making us an attractive partner for GPs to work with. Lastly, our broad network, long track record and privileged access to confidential performance data through our risk management system, serves to enhance our due diligence capabilities.

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