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Case Study

Cleopatra Hospitals Group


Cleopatra Hospitals Group




Health Care


Health Care Providers and Services

CHG is classified as Category B according to IFC’s Procedure for Environmental and Social Review of Projects. Overall ESG systems at the CHG hospitals are well developed, with increasing support and direction being provided to hospitals by the Group function in 2019. At hospital level, the facilities are adequately resourced and overall key ESG risks are being well managed. Completion of renovations and fire system upgrades at the Cairo Specialized, Nile Badrawi and Al Shorouk Hospitals will reduce the fire safety risk at these facilities.

Throughout its facilities, CHG works to positively impact the lives of patients by ensuring they are provided with medical services of the highest quality, in line with international best practices. The Group has also been instrumental in bringing the latest technology in healthcare to the country, thereby creating access to the best possible treatments as it works to improve the quality of life for the communities in which it operates.