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Case Study

Helios Towers Africa


Helios Towers Africa


Pan Africa





Helios Towers Africa (HTA) is a holding company with operating companies (OpCos) in Ghana (HTG), Tanzania (HTT) the Democratic Republic of the Congo (HTD) and the newly-added Congo Brazzaville operations (HTCB).

Each of the existing OpCos grows their footprint through acquisition of existing towers from telecom operators, as well as build-to-suit arrangements with telecom operators who act as an anchor tenant whilst allowing HTA to offer towers on co-location basis.
Across its four OpCos, HTA currently holds a portfolio of 4,935 sites, with ca.1,149 new sites brought into the portfolio as a result of a Vodacom acquisition in 2013. The vast majority of tower-related operations are subcontracted to third parties.