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Case Study

TPay Mobile


TPay Mobile







TPAY provides unbanked and underbanked consumers with access to a secure and convenient payment solution for purchases of digital goods and services that address their needs and enable financial inclusion. The business supports local entrepreneurs in the digital content space and app developers’ community by providing them with a means to accept payment from the large population of unbanked consumers in their markets.

Through one single connection, TPAY gives its merchants access to its entire addressable consumer base and the ability to monetize underserved segments, most of which would have been otherwise inaccessible. TPAY’s proprietary direct carrier and wallet billing technologies make digital monetisation possible in underbanked markets by enabling consumers to pay using their mobile airtime and mobile wallet stored value, forgoing the need for a bank account or a credit card. The simplicity and convenience of TPAY’s check out process results in a higher conversion rate compared to other digital payment options.